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Design Management is a key driver of business success and real estate asset creation


Managing and directing the activities of designers, engineers and architects who are specifically responsible for creating the design of the project.

It's essential for super-sized projects with multiple stakeholders or teams, as it combines strategy and process along with supervision to work together towards a single vision. It also helps design managers ensure that they complete the project on time and within budget. optimise the value of design through a series of actions.

Exceeding Style

Measuring and driving design with the same rigour as revenue and costs

Greater than a phase

Project sustainability is paramount to quality and luxury in property assets.

Design Management is a continuous process, it responds to the flux of global and local conditions 

This is a  defending and caretaking role,  Active protection against converging obstructions as they arise. 

This is about continuous iteration. risk strategy and continuous consideration with your users.

Determination of Legacy

Design Management is a multiple-coil strategy that is a cross-purpose action resulting in meaningful engagement to the benefit of the environment the community and the culture the asset serves. There's an obligation to use the learnings available to ensure the next generation of property assets should exceed its predecessors, even if that's incremental

Interior Design Management 


310,000 m2  100 buildings World's first sustainable city development



The images displayed on this website are part of my portfolio as a former employee of CEG International Qatar, the appointed executive multi-disciplinary consultant team for the construction observation of this development. The construction observation services were performed by CEG International Qatar in collaboration with Mshereib Properties, the client/owner of this development. My tenure with CEG International Qatar and secondment into the Mshereib Properties Interior Design Management team occurred during the construction phase of this project.

These images are displayed on this website for portfolio purposes only and not for any commercial purposes or any endorsement from CEG International or Mshereib Properties., nor any of their clients. The rights of ownership to these images belong to Mshereib Properties and their clients 

For more information about this development, please visit

Mshereib Properties 

CEG International Qatar  Engineering Consultants

If you have any questions regarding the images please contact

Thank you for visiting my site and acknowledging the rights of ownership to Mshereib Properties. their clients and the appointed project construction observation multi-disciplinary team CEG International Consulting Engineers

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